Dialogue in the dark (An activity that puts people in the shoes of blind people)

Hello! I am going to write about my experience of “Dialogue in the Dark” which I have visited recently with my class mates.


Before heading in, we were told to play a game where all of my class mates are blind folded and everyone was then scattered all around randomly. Our objectives were to have everyone lined up in order of ascending height but let’s not even mention about the objectives of the game, we could not even navigate properly with our eyes blinded.

The courage it takes to move when you are blinded is really admirable. I could relate as when I am blind-folded I was afraid I would knock into something or someone which is quite frightening to be honest.

Eventually, our class were split into groups and we headed into the pitch-dark room at different intervals. It was impossible to navigate even with the cane given to us.

In this huge room, we were to explore it without any vision and there were obstacles like bicycles and walls that are all around there, it really takes courage to be able to walk freely without any vision. One thing I would like to emphasize is that you will gradually depend on your sense of hearing more and I was surprised how useful it can be like when we are hearing for the traffic light sound to know when to cross the road and also how blind people could actually decipher messages from the sound they are hearing.

Basically, this is an experience that offers an unusual but effective platform in raising awareness and to put yourself in the shoes of visually impaired people. The concept is really simple but sends an extremely powerful message to the one experiencing it. This activity made me really respect the visually impaired people as despite losing their vision, they did not give up. I believe we could take a page from their book and have this positive attitude with our lives. This experience is really unique and I have made a promise to myself that I would help the visually impaired people when they need help in instances like waiting for the bus or crossing the road.


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